Remove Redirection from Google Search Results

You might get a faster access to websites with this Greasemonkey script.
Google Search - Remove Redirection for Greasemonkey


When you click one of links of Google search results, it apparently seems that you access the website directly. However that is not the case. In fact, you firstly access to a Google page and then it redirects you to the original website.

Of course Google is always fast, so I guess you might rarely feel irritated. But even so, sometimes you get kept waiting when you click a link and sometimes that is caused by Google's redirection, while the original website is not heavy at all.

So if you don't want such a redirection and want a slightly faster access, this script will help you.
Google Search - Remove Redirection for Greasemonkey
This script will remove "onmousedown" attributions. It supports AutoPagerize.